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Fat Burning Shots Q & A

What are fat-burning shots?

Fat-burning shots, also called lipotropic injections, are often a part of a medically supervised weight-loss program. Lipotropic substances help your body break down and metabolize fat. They also support the removal of fat from your body by your liver and ensure excess fat is metabolized rather than stored.

Examples of lipotropic compounds include methionine, inositol, and choline. Methionine is an amino acid, and inositol and choline are cofactors. These substances work together to mobilize and eliminate fat deposits.

When you receive these fat-burning shots in combination with a good diet and exercise program, they can supercharge your fat metabolism and weight-loss efforts.



Drinking enough water every day fills up your stomach and reduces your hunger cravings. Water is also necessary for flushing extra sodium out of your body and supporting fat-burning reactions to eliminate fat more effectively.

Micronutrients (micros)

Micronutrients describe the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to function and break down fat in your body. Common micros include vitamins B1, B6, B12, and C.

You get many of these nutrients from your diet but may also need a supplement to get the recommended daily amount. Micronutrients may also be included in some lipotropic injections.

Macronutrients (macros)

Macronutrients -- fats, proteins, and carbohydrates -- are the three main biochemical compounds in your body necessary for essential functions. All foods contain these three nutrients.

You can lose weight by controlling the macronutrients you take in each day.


Am I a good candidate for lipotropic injections?

To determine what you need to lose weight successfully, the NuvidaRx Weight Loss team learns about your medical history and current health.

They may recommend lipotropic injections as part of your weight-loss program if you’re interested in losing a significant amount of weight to improve your overall health. These fat-burning shots work in conjunction with proper hydration, a daily exercise regimen, and a healthy eating plan.

If fat-burning shots are right for you, the team at NuvidaRx Weight Loss provides the injections in the office. Your provider may include both lipotropic injections and vitamin B12 shots in your overall plan to boost your energy and support healthy weight loss.

To learn more about the benefits of fat-burning shots for weight loss, call NuvidaRx Weight Loss or request an appointment through the online booking system today.