How to Lose Weight Fast (as Fast as Possible) And Keep It Off

It’s difficult to remain patient when you’re working to lose weight. If you’ve committed to living a healthy lifestyle, you’re likely eager to enjoy the results of your efforts. 

Working with weight loss specialists as part of a medically supervised weight-loss program provides professional guidance as well as access to state-of-the-art treatments to jump-start your results. This professional medical support can help ensure you’re losing weight as fast as safely possible while establishing a lifestyle to maintain long-term success. 

The weight-loss specialists at NuvidaRx Weight Loss in Tallahassee, Florida, provide results-oriented medical weight loss for patients with a wide range of weight-loss goals. 

Based on your medical history, current condition, and objectives, a weight-loss specialist recommends a comprehensive diet and exercise plan individualized for your needs. 

Losing weight at a rate that’s frustrating can make you more likely to abandon your efforts and give up your weight-loss goals. Find out how treatments that are administered as part of a medically supervised weight-loss program can expedite your results and keep you motivated.  

Medical supervision

There’s no way to avoid it. The foundation for reaching and maintaining your optimal weight involves a healthy diet and regular exercise. 

Medical weight-loss supervision can help you establish the right eating and exercise routines to achieve the fastest results. We can help you create a daily calorie deficit in which you consume fewer calories than your body uses. 

When your body works with a daily calorie deficit, it burns stored fat to make up for the calories it needs but isn’t getting from food. When stored fat is used, weight loss occurs.

Losing weight with medical supervision also ensures that you’re getting the best results from your daily activities. Your weight-loss specialist can incorporate strategies such as resistance training into your daily workouts to help your body burn more calories and maintain long-term weight loss. 

 As an added benefit, the support and accountability involved in participating in a medically supervised weight-loss program can help you stay consistent with your efforts so you can lose weight fast. 

Appetite suppressants

If you’re frustrated by the rate of your weight loss with diet and exercise alone, you may benefit from using an appetite suppressant under the direction of your weight-loss specialist. Combined with behavior modification, these prescription medications can help you push past a plateau and achieve measurable results quickly. 

Depending on your circumstances, your weight-loss specialist may recommend phendimetrazine or phentermine (ADIPEX-P®) to accelerate your weight-loss results. These amphetamine derivatives are FDA-approved medications that help you succeed by reducing your urge to eat and increasing the rate at which your body burns fat. 

Taking an appetite suppressant reduces your natural craving for food. This helps your body adjust to eating less and relying on a low-calorie diet.

Lipotropic injections

Lipotropic injections, or fat-burning shots, are injections that contain a combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that help your body efficiently break down and metabolize fat rather than storing it. 

Our weight-loss specialists at NuvidaRx Weight Loss often recommend lipotropic injections together with vitamin B12 injections. B12 has natural lipotropic properties that help your body burn and metabolize fat more effectively. 

While B12 is present in meat and other animal products, many diets don’t contain adequate amounts of this vitamin. Some patients also have problems absorbing and processing the amount of B12 they consume. By administering B12 via injections, your body gets the full benefit of the dose because it’s delivered directly into your bloodstream. The result can promote faster weight loss.

Many factors contribute to the amount of weight you lose and how quickly you lose it. Working with a weight-loss specialist can help you succeed faster and establish a plan for long-term weight management.

Find out more about what you can do to lose weight as fast as possible and maintain long-term results. Request an appointment online or call our office today at 850-290-7307.

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